The 93rd May Festival Blueming

In light of the spread of the COVID-19

In light of the spread of the COVID-19, we have decided measures for the 93rd May Festival as follows.

We will continue preparation for May Festival steadily to have the fruit of academic and cultural activities by the students visited by a lot of people.

About Schedule

We have decided not to hold May Festival on its original dates in May. We are now negotiating with the university authorities to hold it within the fiscal year.

We will not change the name “May Festival” regardless of when to be held.

For Visitors

For latest information on the 93rd May Festival, please check the Official Twitter and Official Facebook Page .

Please also check For Visitors Page .

For Students of the University of Tokyo

The academic calendar might change. Please check announcement from faculties and department you belong to.

For those who registered projects and project managers of 2020 enrolled classes, we have sent notices on future flow, so please check them.

When postponement has determined, we may newly recruit projects. If you are planning to carry out a project, please check the Official Twitter .