About Eating and Drinking

Alcohol Passport

  • Please put on an Alcohol Passport when purchasing or possessing alcohol on campus. It is also required when purchasing alcohol at on-campus stores such as convenience stores.
  • The Alcohol Passport is issued at all Information Centers. Please present a photo ID that can verify your age when applying.


  • The Alcohol Passport is valid only on the day it is issued. It becomes invalid if the check box is filled, torn, or transferred to another person.
  • If you wish to reissue the Alcohol Passport, please bring the invalidated passport and a photo ID to the information center again.
  • Please do not transfer purchased alcohol or the Alcohol Passport to others.
  • Please refrain from behavior such as binge drinking, drinking before driving, and forcing others to drink.
  • Please refrain from excessive drinking considering you and your companion's health.
  • Bringing alcohol from outside the campus is prohibited.

Regarding Eating and Drinking

  • Please use the designated outdoor dining areas to eat and refrain from eating while walking.
  • 飲食スペースの地図