May Fes. Awards

What is “May. Fes. Awards”?

May. Fes. Awards is a project that determines the #1 project of the May Festival based on the votes of all visitors.


When voting, please select one of the three options: Excellent, Good, or Fair. Voting is limited to once a day for each project.

Column: What does “Excellent” mean?

The three evaluations of Excellent, Good, and Fair are based on the evaluation criteria of the grading system of the University of Tokyo. In fact, there are five evaluations, including Pass and Fail, and if you receive an evaluation of Pass or higher, you can earn credit for that course.

Announcement of Results

The final results will be announced on May 14th (Sun.) at around 5:45 p.m. on the official website and official SNS. In addition, the projects that won the Grand Prix and Runner-up will be awarded at the closing ceremony.


Each project is classified into six categories, and the #1 project in each category will be awarded.

  • Performance Category
    • Projects that implement performances that visitors can enjoy on the spot are eligible.
  • Academic Category
    • Projects with academic or art-oriented content that can be considered as “UT-like” are eligible.
  • Food Category
    • Projects that provide food and drinks to visitors are eligible.
  • Participatory Category
    • Projects that allow visitors to participate in hands-on experiences are eligible.
  • Exhibition Category
    • Projects that focus on displaying works are eligible.
  • Classroom Projects Category
    • All projects conducted mainly by classrooms are eligible. Projects that belong to this category will also be registered in the five categories above.

How to Vote

You can vote for each project on the official website's plan details page from 9:00 a.m. on May 13th (Sat.) to 4:00 p.m. on May 14th (Sun.). However, you cannot vote multiple times in one day for the same project.

In addition, there are two on-campus polling stations on campus.

  • Main Gate Polling Station
  • Itomon Gate Polling Station

When you vote…

Get luxurious prizes?

Those who vote at the on-campus polling stations are eligible for a lottery to win luxurious prizes!

Little May’s room

Little May’s room will change depending on the number of votes. Let's make Little May happy by making her room more gorgeous!