Official Goods

We will be selling the highly popular goods featuring the May Festival official mascot “Little May” again this year.

These items are available for purchase at the Official Goods Shop located under the Faculty of Letters Bldg. 3 or at the Official Online Goods Store. Be sure to purchase them as a memento of your May Festival experience!

Please note that the opening hours for the Official Online Goods Store is limited to 9:00-18:00.

*The image is for illustrative purposes only.

*Sales will end when items are sold out.

*In addition to cash, transportation IC cards can be used for on-campus sales.

On-campus sales

On-campus sales are conducted at the Official Goods Shop below the Faculty of Letters Bldg. 3.

Capsule machines

Capsule machines are installed in each of the following areas: Red Area, Yellow Area, and Blue Area. The capsule machines contain acrylic keychains and rubber straps representing each area.

Online sales

We also sell the official goods online at STORES.

The opening hours are from 9a.m. to 6p.m. on both days. Click here to purchase official goods online.

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Stuffed Toy
A classic fluffy stuffed toy. The design features a happi coat and embroidery of “2023”, which is a limited design for this year only.
(Approx. 15cm)
Little May's mascot is back this year! Attach it to your bag and take it with you wherever you go.
(Approx. 5cm)
Face Towel
A cute face towel with a large print of Little May. It's easy to use in various situations.
(Approx. height 34cm x width 84cm)
Eco Bag
An eco bag in the theme color of this year's May Festival, which can be folded up and carried around easily. Make your daily shopping more enjoyable.
(Approx. width 310mm x height 380mm x depth 120mm, Approx. width 60mm x height 120mm when stored)
A pouch with a calm design that can be used in everyday life. It's sure to soothe you when you see Little May sleeping on it.
(width 18cm x height 12cm x depth 7.5cm)
From A5-sized sheet, you can remove four different bookmarks with different facial expressions of Little May.
(A5 size, set of 4 bookmarks)
Clear File Folder
We have prepared three types of popular clear file folders again this year. They come with pockets and are very convenient.
(Three types available, A4 size with inside pocket)
A cute coaster with Little May in various poses. Perfect as a souvenir or for everyday use.
(diameter 90mm, thickness 2mm)
Ballpoint Pen
A ballpoint pen with Little May in various poses. It might make writing more fun.
(Approx. 14cm)
Mechanical Pencil
This year's theme “Flora”, and Little May are featured on this mechanical pencil. Perfect for everyday studying.
(Approx. 14cm)
As with previous years, we have prepared popular stickers this year too. Little May will add color to your daily life.
(Three types available, Approx. height 6cm x width 6cm)
Acrylic keychain
Acrylic keychains representing the Red, Yellow, and Blue areas are now available! *They will be sold in capsule machines on campus
(Approx. height 6cm x width 6cm)
Rubber Strap
Rubber straps representing the Red, Yellow, and Blue areas are now available! *They will be sold in capsule machines on campus
(Approx. height 7cm x width 7cm)

LINE Sticker

Extremely popular Little May stickers that add a touch of glamor to your chats.

Series 1
Series 2
Series 3

LINE Theme

Cute and fluffy Little May will adorably decorate your LINE screen.