The Information Center /Lost and Found

Information Center

The Information Center provides support to ensure that all visitors can enjoy the May Festival comfortably. Please feel free to stop by.


The following items will be distributed on the day of the event. Some of them are also available on this website.

  • Official Brochure
  • It is useful to have on hand when walking around the campus.
  • Alcohol Passport
  • Please refer to “About Eating and Drinking” for information regarding alcohol consumption on campus.
  • Stamp Rally Booklet
  • This booklet is necessary to participate in our official project, “Campus Exploration” .
  • Accessibility Map
  • It has information about barrier-free facilities on and around the campus.

Accessibility Support

  • Wheelchair and Strollers
  • You can borrow wheelchairs and strollers for free at the Information Centers by Itomon Gate, the Main Gate, or Faculty of Agriculture buildings. Please make a reservation before your visit as there is a limit to the number of wheelchairs and strollers (you can borrow them without reservation if there are some left). Reservations can be made via email at contact@ xrt.cyv-ubinm gogatsusai.jp with [①the date and time of your visit, ②the name of Information Center at which you plan to borrow, ③the time you plan to return, ④the number of wheelchairs/strollers you plan to use, and ⑤email address and/or phone number]. The wheelchair/stroller can be used as soon as you arrive on campus.
    Please note that access to some classrooms may be difficult on a wheelchair.
  • Braille pamphlets and tactile maps
  • Braille pamphlets and touchable outdoor maps are available.
  • Assistance through Written Communication
  • Communication with a writing board and a voice transcription app will be available at the Information Center.

Lost Child Support

We will take care of lost children. If you are looking for your child, please come to the nearest information center. If your child is not in our care, we will call you from the committee (03-5684-4594) as soon as they are found.

Location of the Information Center

Please see the map below.

Lost and Found

If you have lost something.

  • If you can come directly to one of the Information Center:
  • 五月祭期間中の落とし物については、本富士警察署へと移管しました。以降のお問い合わせは本富士警察署(tel:0338180110)までよろしくお願いします。
  • If you cannot come directly to the Information Center:
  • Please contact us by phone or Google Form .

If you have found something.

Please bring the item to the nearest Information Center and tell us where and when you found it.