Theme: “Flora”

Awoken by the scent of green,

I get changed and jump out of the room.

My heart beats faster than it’s ever been

As I step into the world about to bloom.

The scene caught my eye at a single glance.

Lively and diverse, full of youth and brilliance,

Its dazzling beauty put me in a trance.

Here comes a nightingale, gliding through the air,

Blessing the day with a voice so sweet.

“May the Festival start, there’s no time to spare!”

Through a deep breath, I inhale the heat.

About “Flora”

What kind of images do you have for green?

The youthfulness and strength of sprouts growing up to the sky.

The dazzle and rising feeling in the rays of light falling between the leaves.

The intelligence and generosity that understands and accepts all.

Our festival theme “Flora” comes from the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, hoping that

it brings the elements above to the festival and enhances the wonders of the festival.

A nightingale is said to break the stillness of winter and declare the coming of spring.

We decided to view it as a messenger of Flora and entrust it with the honorable task of marking the start of the festival.

During the special two days, the campus will liven up with a wide variety of projects that will certainly fulfill your heart.

We hope the 96th May Festival will become an unforgettable experience for all visitors and participants.