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About the May Festival

When and where can I participate in/view projects?

Projects will be open to the public at the University of Tokyo Hongo/Yayoi Campus from 9 p.m. to 6 p.m. on May 13th (Sat.) and 14th (Sun.). Project will also be open to the public on the official website (this website) at the same time.

What is a hybrid style?

It is a style that combines in-person projects with video streamings and other online services. You can enjoy the festival not only on campus but also online through this website.

Are there any restrictions on campus access?

At the current moment, we are not planning to restrict access to the campus or require reservations in advance. However, this may change depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection. Any changes will be announced on this website.

Can I eat and drink on campus?

You can purchase food and drink at the food stands, but please do not eat while walking and use the designated eating space. You can also use the central cafeteria and other on-campus food and beverage outlets. Please refer to the official brochure available on campus about the opening hours of each restaurant.

What do I need to enjoy alcoholic beverages on campus?

An alcohol passport is required to purchase or possess alcoholic beverages on campus. Alcohol passports are issued at all the Information Centers. To get this passport, you need an ID that has your name and photo.
Please note that you are not allowed to bring alcohol from outside the campus.
For details, please refer to “About Eating and Drinking” .

About Facilities and Services

When and where can I get an official brochure for the May Festival?

You can get an official brochure at all Information Centers. Since the number of the brochures is limited, please note that distribution may end without notice.

Are Official Goods available?

Official goods will be on sale during the May Festival. In addition to on-campus sales at the Official Goods Shop near the General Library, online purchase is also available on this page . Please purchase it as a souvenir of your visit.

I have lost something. What should I do?

If you noticed that you have lost something during the May Festival, please come to the nearest Information Center. We will check to see if it has been delivered to the committee. If it has not yet arrived, the committee (03-5684-4594) will call you as soon as it is found.
If you notice dthat you have lost something after you return home, please contact us through “Contact Us” .

Are there any assistance for people with disabilities?

Yes, we do. Please see “Accessibility” for details. If you have any questions or concerns about your visit, or if you need assistance from committee members, please feel free to contact us through “Contact Us” .

About Projects

Do you have any recommendations for projects?

We introduce recommended projects in our official brochure and on this website, so please check them on the “Project Search Page” . If you are not sure where a project you would like to visit is held, please feel free to ask a committee member wearing a green uniform. The Campus Map on this website is also useful.

Are there any projects in which I can see “Little May”, the official mascot of the May Festival?

Yes, we do. Please refer to “The May Festival Official Mascot Little May” for more information.

What is the “May Festival Awards?”

Based on the evaluations of the visitors, we will decide the most popular project of the May Festival. You can rate the projects you have visited on a scale of “Superior”, “Excellent,” or “Good”. You can make a vote on campus at voting booths near the Main Gate and Itomon Gate, or online at the project detail page of each project. For details, please refer to “May Festival Awards” .