The 95th May Festival

May Fes. Awards


Last update of results :: May 16th, 10:00
  1. 2022年度入学理科二・三類11組
  1. 東京大学医学部医学科
Academic Category
  1. 東京大学サイエンスコミュニケーションサークルCAST
  2. 東京大学工学部電子情報工学科・電気電子工学科
  3. 大学院生詰め合わせ
Performance Category
  1. まるきゅうProject
  2. 東京大学ブラスアカデミー
  3. 東大エレクトーンクラブ
Exhibition Category
  1. 東大LEGO部
  2. 東京大学地文研究会地理部
  3. ビラ研究会
Interactive Category
  1. 東京大学工学部 精密工学科
  2. 東京大学ポケモンサークル ぽけっち
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Class Category
  1. 2022年度入学文科一・二類27組
  2. 2022年度入学理科二・三類22組
  3. 2022年度入学理科一類20組

About May Fes. Awards

The No. 1 project of the May Festival will be decided based on the evaluation of all visitors.

About Voting

The voting period is from May 14th (Sat.) 9:00 a.m. to 15th (Sun.) 6:30 p.m.
You can vote from each project’s detail page.
In principle, you can vote each project only once.
When you vote, please evaluate each project on a scale of one to five following the evaluation standards we established. The details of the evaluation standards are here.

About the Announcement of Results

Interim results will be published on May 14th (Sat.) 6:30 p.m. on this website and our Official Twitter.
Final results will be published on May 16th (Mon.) 10:00 a.m. on this website, our Official Twitter and LINE account.

About the Categories of Each Projects

All the projects are classified into 5 categories below by their contents.
  • The category of Academic projects
  • The category of Performance projects
  • The category of Exhibition projects
  • The category of Interactive projects
  • The category of Class projects

About the Evaluation Standards

We establish general standards common to all the projects and special standards unique to the categories of each project. Please evaluate each project by that standards.
Category The Common
a The degree of recommend
Category The Each The Common
Academic Category The degree of knowledge you newly got The degree of recommend
Performance Category The degree of excitement
Exhibition Category The degree of perfection
Interactive Category The degree of craving for joining again
Class Category The degree of originality

About Awards

The 2 projects which get the highest overall evaluation among all the projects will respectively receive the Grand Prix and the Semi-Grand Prix.
Awards for each category will be given to the projects up to the 3rd place in each category, excluding the Grand Prix and the Semi-Grand Prix.

After Voting

In the roulette game appearing after voting on this website, you can give Little May (Official Mascot of the May Festival) food you get by the roulette.
There might be a change in Little May by giving food a lot.

The State of Little May