The 95th May Festival

Festival Modality

Hybrid Style Festival

The 95th May Festival is going to be held on May 14th (Sat.) and 15th (Sun.), 2022, combining face-to-face and online events.
You can enjoy ambience in the campuses as in the past, and also enjoy peeking at the festival online from the comfort of your home.
Please enjoy the novel May Festival mixing two styles.

※In order to limit the number of people on the campuses, we make it compulsory to get an entrance ticket in advance.
※Depending on the status of COVID-19, there may be changes to the organization style of the festival. Please check the information posted on this website, our official Twitter, and our official Facebook page.



May 14th (Sat.) and 15th (Sun.), 2022 : 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.


The University of Tokyo Hongo and Yayoi Campuses / The May Festival Official Website (this site)

Dear Guests Attending on Site

Please check the "Dear Guests Attending on Site" .

How to Enjoy the May Festival Online

The 95th May Festival will have a variety of projects online, such as:
  • Live streaming projects through YouTube
  • Participatory projects through Zoom
  • Sales projects through mail order
  • Exhibition projects available on demand
All projects will be uploaded on this website and you can enjoy them online.

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