The 95th May Festival

Media Inquiries

About Media Interview

Thank you for your interest in the 95th May Festival.
All coverages about the May Festival require application and permission, regardless of when it is conducted. You do not have to apply to the university authorities or festival participants, once we allow you to conduct interviews.

What Is Considered to Be a Coverage

  • Interviewing the festival committee members and participants
  • Taking videos and posting them to video sharing sites such as YouTube
  • Recording or taking screenshots of the May Festival Official Website or its contents, for the purposes of secondary use in public


We examine applications by the following criteria.
  • Interviews are related to the May Festival.
  • You are mindful and aware of the portrait rights.
  • You do not use images or video clips that can be recognized as the University of Tokyo without our permission.
  • You do not modify or distort the contents of interviews.
  • You consider the situation of COVID-19 infection and activity limitation guidelines of the University of Tokyo, when you conduct interviews.
We will be present at all interviews and check the contents of them. As a rule, your articles and videos will be checked before publication.


If you would like to cover the May Festival, or have any questions, please contact us by email.


  • Please allow plenty of time for the application for coverage to be submitted. It might take two or more weeks.
  • Applications on the day of the desired interview, last-minute changes to the method of coverage, and applications for live broadcast or live transmission cannot be accepted.
  • Personal data obtained from this application will only be used for work related to coverage of the May Festival.
May Festival Standing Committee, the University of Tokyo
ITO Nono