The 95th May Festival

Enjoy the online projects

Let’s play with Little May!


Little May Fortune-Telling Game

In “Little May Global Academic Trip Sugoroku”, you can play with fortune-telling related to faculties, clubs, and second foreign languages at the University of Tokyo. As you answer the questions, Little May gains insight into you and gives a result perfect for you.
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Little May Global Academic Trip Sugoroku

As last year, you can enjoy Sugoroku with Little May this year!
Various events related to studying abroad will occur around the world in this sugoroku. We hope you enjoy the world of “Little May Global Academic Trip Sugoroku.”
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Little May's Running

“Little May’s Running” is a simple yet addicting game that can be played by anyone, young or old, male or female, in which Little May is the main character. Protect fluffy Little May from the pond by making full use of jumping.
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Little May Dress-up

In “Little May Dress-up”, you can get various items depending on how many projects you visit, and you can dress up and play with your Little May! Visit the projects in various categories and dress up your own Little May.
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