The 95th May Festival
Ukulele Kikina!
The University of Tokyo Ukulele Hikina

About this project


We’re performing ukulele!
It’s not only Hawaiian music we play.
Enjoy the world of rich music we create with the four strings!


Ukulele Kikina!

Live Broadcast
Ukulele performance


Ukulele Kikina! Part 1
14th (Sat.) 11:30 13:00
Ukulele Kikina! Part 2
14th (Sat.) 13:30 15:00
Ukulele Kikina! Part 3
15th (Sun.) 12:00 14:00
Ukulele Kikina! Part 4
15th (Sun.) 14:20 16:20
YouTube Live

About this organization

The University of Tokyo Ukulele Hikina

Ukulele Hikina is a university ukulele circle. There are not many ukulele circles in the world. We started it in 2020, so we are quite new, and we're practicing ukulele to perform on stages such as school festivals. Ukulele can play not only Hawaiian music but also pop music and rock music. Come and listen to our performance, and you will be amazed by the enormous possibility found in those small instruments.