The 95th May Festival
STEP May Festival Performance
The University of Tokyo KPOP Dance Circle STEP

About this project

KPOP stans! Idol enthusiasts!

How would you like to experience the thrills of KPOP at the UTokyo May Festival?

The UTokyo KPOP Copy Dance Circle STEP is sure to intrigue you with our various KPOP dances. At our circle, we not only focus on synchronised and clean dance moves, but we also emphasise the complete copy of KPOP makeup and outfits to provide the experience of watching real KPOP idols to all those watching.

Our May Festival performance will showcase a total of 18 songs from a wide range of KPOP genres, including "eleven" by IVE, a promising rookie idol who is currently the talk of the town, and "party," a Girls Generation classic loved by people of all ages!


eleven / IVE
Queendom / Red Velvet
Snake / Girls Planet 999
ice cream / BLACKPINK
Permission to Dance / BTS
Spaceship / IZ*ONE
Savage / aespa
Labyrinth / GFRIEND
Something / Girl's Day
Party / Girls' Generation
Utopia / Girls Planet 999
To Reach you / Prouce48
I Got a Boy / Girls' Generation

Why don't you come to see the charms of STEP first-hand at our STEP May Festival performance?


STEP May Festival Performance

Live Broadcast
Prepare to be mesmerised by the world of KPOP through our show, featuring a total of 18 songs worth of KPOP idol-like dances and outfits! We hope you can swing by and watch our livestream!


STEP May Festival Performance
14th (Sat.) 14:55 16:05
YouTube Live

About this organization

The University of Tokyo KPOP Dance Circle STEP

STEP is an inter-college KPOP dance circle, primarily covering girl group dances. There are many opportunities for us to perform, including the May Festival, Komaba Festival and other stages. We aspire to make each and every performance as perfect as possible, paying close attention to outfits and makeup to make the experience as close as possible to a real KPOP idol concert! We welcome anyone, from those who love KPOP and dance to those who aren’t too knowledgeable about idols or dancing. Many of our members joined without prior dancing experience, being able to learn whilst having fun at our practices. Think STEP sounds interesting? Come watch our performance at the May Festival to find out more!