The 95th May Festival
Aqout May Fes LoveLive! ~Brightest Melody~
Todai Lovelive!

About this project

Todai LoveLive! Aqout, a copy dance unit of Aqours and Sanshiro Snow, a copy dance unit of Saint Snow, will be performing at the school festival for the first time in three years.
We will express our love for Aqours, Saint Snow, and LoveLive! Sunshine!! series as best we can!


Aqout May Fes LoveLive! 〜Brightest Melody〜

Live Broadcast
Cancelled due to Rain
No Recording
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ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!のユニット、AqoursとSaint Snowのコピーダンスを披露します。


Aqout May Fes LoveLive! 〜Brightest Melody〜
14th (Sat.) 10:55 12:00

About this organization

Todai Lovelive!

Todai LoveLive! is an UTokyo student group that engages in copying and performing the choreography of the music from the LoveLive! series. We focus on analyzing the choreography with high precision to express our passion against the series.