The 95th May Festival
Drive the Plarail!
The University of Tokyo Plarailers

About this project

Plarail driving experience

You can experience driving from the perspective of the driver's seat of Plarail using a tablet. Plarail can be started, shifted, and stopped remotely.

Automatic operation of Plarail

In addition to the vehicle that you will experience driving, Plarail that automatically drives will run. It operates automatically so that it does not collide, or it is evacuated at the station.

Operation according to the traffic light

A traffic light is displayed in the driving experience. You can overtake or evacuate an autonomous vehicle at a station by starting at a green light and stopping at a red light.


Archive video of "Drive the Plarail!"

This video shows participants driving the Plarail.


Archive video of "Drive the Plarail!"
15th (Sun.) 9:00 18:00

About this organization

The University of Tokyo Plarailers

Pralarers is a manufacturing circle that has been active since January 2019. Our mission is to remodel the Plarail to reproduce the actual railway system. So far, we have exhibited a total of 5 times at the May Festival and the Komaba Festival. We have developed an operation system according to Plarail's diagram, a remote control system using the Internet, and an image recognition system. Above all, the driving experience of Plarail has become a popular project that attracts visitors every time. We will continue to make interesting things using Plarail!