The 95th May Festival
2022 Enrolled Natural Sciences II,III-22

About this project

All members from the class22 got together to make an original drama music video based on 'RGB" produced by YOASOBI.
The three main characters had been phisically and spiritually apart since their school festival was called off due to the pandemic. Out of the blue, appeared an arrow in front of them. The arrow lead them to their reunion. And they had a happy ending!!ーit seemed so until another challenge came before them.
What is the chance that they will recover from their frastration from the canceled high school festival?
Everything was done by usーthe students at the university of Tokyoーwho play the musical instruments, dance, perform the play, and edit the video.
We are confident to say that our performance is the most elaborate at least in the May Festival events by the freshers! Watch this music video, keenly produced by the ambitious young students who will be at the top of Japan, and the whole world! No matter how many times we are separated, our bond cannot be torn!!


RGB Dance Music Video

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We made an original music video based on "RGB" produced by YOASOBI! The students at University of Tokyo perform the music, the dance, and the play. In just 4 minutes, your heart will definitely be lighted in full colors.


14th (Sat.) 9:00 15th (Sun.) 18:00

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2022 Enrolled Natural Sciences II,III-22

Bonjour! We are the freshers at the University of Tokyo, the uts2,3-22. Now, we marrily enjoy our days at the campus we dreamed of.   What? You say, you doubt our happy campus life? Oh, no way! It's true. If you suspect this, watch our music video. Look! Oh, what best friends students in the class22 are ......!!