The 95th May Festival

Guide for Project Viewing Tickets

Guide for Project Viewing Tickets

Advance reservations for projects will be closed as soon as the number of applications reaches the limit. However, for some events such as stage performances, if the number of applications exceeds the limit, admission will be determined by lottery.

Application Period

May 4th (Wed.) 3 p.m. - May 15 (Sun.) 6 p.m.
Applications for the lottery-based projects will close at May 7th (Sat.) 9 p.m, and if the number of applications exceeds the limit, the admission will be decided by lottery. The results of the lottery will be announced at May 12th (Thu.) 3 p.m.. If the number of applications does not meet the quota, applicants may re-apply on a first-come, first-served basis from May 12th (Thu.) 3 p.m. - May 15th (Sun.) 6 p.m..

List of projects that require project viewing tickets

L: Lottery
F: First-come, first-served basis

Project Name Form
Architecture Pavilion L
Opening Ceremony L
Closing Ceremony L
U-Tokyo Flamenco Troupe May Festival Stage F
Moot Court F
Todai Piano Club May Festival Concert F
The University of Tokyo Wind Ensemble May Festival Concert F
Presentation of Research on Junior High School Students F
The Fashion Show of Original Clothes F
Gogatsu Yose F
Belcanto Research Seminar Concert F
Techno Factory2022 F
Mayfes UT Medical F
Science Show at Hongo Campus F
Brass Academy the 28th May Festival Concert F
Concert of Touhou Project Music 21th F
Clarinet Ensemble and Saxophone Ensemble May Festival Concert F
Onkan band music live performance F
WINGS May Festival STAGE Vol.10 F
Grand Demonstration by Karate Team in Athletic Foundation of the University of Tokyo F
May Live Jam by FGA F
Coughing Alone, Sneezing Together F
Mayfes education forum 2022 F
The University of Tokyo Orchestra Chamber Music Concert F
The University of Tokyo Calligraphy Performance F
Feuerwerk Philharmoniker Special Concert F
Todai Yoyomu F
Philomusica Symphony Orchestra Concert of May Festival F
FKEN Live Performance in May Festival 2022 F
Todai Hello! Project Association'22 May Festival Stage F
Todaimusume'22 Gogatusai Special Stage F
Civil Engineering and My City 2022 F
Double Dutch Performance F
Exploring the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences F
Syamisen Concert F
Electone Concert 2022 F
The University of Tokyo Orchestra Special Music Concert F
Martial Arts Demonstration of Shorinjikempo Club F
Noh & Kyogen Performance F
The 25th May Festival Concert by Todai-Phil F
LaVoce Acappella Stage Live F
Jazz Junk Workshop F
May Festival Tea Ceremony F
Aikido Demonstration F
Mandolin Club Concert F
BOILED May Festival Show F
Malabaristas Juggling Stage F
The University of Tokyo Chamber Music Club May festival concert F
Taido Performance by The University of Tokyo Taido Club F
Chorus Festival F
Public Lecture F
STEP May Festival Performance F
Aerospace Market F
Todai Recorder Club Concert F
Green Echo F
Classical Guitar Concert F
Japanese Martial Sciences Kashima-Shinryu Demonstration F
Showlongpaw Special Comedy Live F
Aqout May Fes LoveLive! ~Brightest Melody~ F
UGcafe F
The Movie Show "Todain ~The Guardian of Utokyo~" F
Test experiment in towing tank and boat model race F
Film Making Spika 1895 Screening F
Kirenkai Aikido Demonstration F
An Exhibition by UTokyo Scale Model Club F
Circus Live Vol.17 F
May Live Jam by FGA F
Campus Tour F
Deep Cuts into UT Students F
Introduction to Spatial Language F
Matching: Theory and Practice F
Open Discussion -Gender and the University of Tokyo- F
Bureaucracy and Constitutional Operation in Japanese Political History F
teamLab: from a student's vision to the present F

Inquiries about Campus Entrance and Project Viewing Tickets

Please contact the following Email address for inquiries regarding campus entrance and project viewing tickets. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We are currently receiving many inquiries, so it may take some time for us to reply. Thank you for your understanding.